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The Future is Now!

We're turning your pet's poop into POWER. 



Poop Patrol is helping to power homes with your pet's poop!

Watch our totals grow as we divert hundreds of poopy bags away from landfill and convert the content into electricity, heat, and nutrient dense fertilizer that is free of weed seeds and pathogens. 

Thanks to the anaerobic digestion process developed by Cornerstone Renewables, we are able to adopt an even greener approach to our business. Diverting waste in this way is both environmentally beneficial and in keeping with the Free Waste Ontario Act.

Beginning February 1, 2017 - We added over 1 ton of poop in our first month. Imagine what we can do in 1 year! 

Disclaimer: Report card values are an approximation based on the overall organic mixture at the time of processing.

Sustainability Report Card

Watch Our Totals Grow! As of: Nov 14th.

Number of Tonnes: 19.03

Type of Waste: Poop!

  • 2.21  Tons of CO2 Removed from Atmosphere
  • 44.60 Number of Homes Powered for a Year
  • 1.26   Number of Acres Fertilized
  • 2.17   Cars Off the Road for a Year

The Digestion Cycle:

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Photo: Courtesy of Cornerstone Renewables

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Cornerstone Renewables philosophy is rooted in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from organics and providing solutions to the mountain of organic waste currently going to landfill, instead capturing energy, heat, and reusing the nutrients for growing crops. I couldn’t believe it when I got a call from Sue, the owner of Poop Patrol, asking me about adding dog poop to our digester process.

What a fun and progressive company! This is a fantastic sustainability initiative, and it turns out, a decades old dream of hers. A dream, we are very happy to make come true! 

Anton Reijmers, Palletized Organics & Product Destruction Specialist

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By choosing Poop Patrol as your dog waste cleaning-service provider, you too have chosen to reduce your impact on the environment. Be sure to monitor our Sustainability Calculator to see our weekly poop progress.

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We're now turning poop into power. Be part of the solution!