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Joining other communities working together with the goal of becoming sustainable.


Poop Patrol is helping to power homes with your pet's poop!

Watch our totals grow as we divert hundreds of poop bags away from landfill and convert the content into electricity!

We started this project back on February 1, 2017, and in our first year 22 tonnes of dog waste got turned it into usable energy and fertilizer through an anaerobic digestion process. 

We have since continued this power-full program by utilizing EfW* waste management operations in Ontario. Thank you to all our customers for helping us continue to embrace a green approach to our business best practices. 

Disclaimer: Report card values are an approximation based on the overall organic waste mixtures at the time of processing.

Sustainability Report Card

Our POOP to POWER totals up to: July, 2019

Number of Tonnes: 64.52

Type of Waste: Poop!

  • 7.59 Tons of CO2 Removed from Atmosphere
  • 151.49 Number of Homes Powered for a Year
  • 4.30 Number of Acres Fertilized
  • 7.17 Cars Off the Road for a Year



Turning your pet's POOP into POWER!  

As of: September 9, 2020



93.13 Tonnes

13,783.24 KW


Electricity for the grid

148 KW / per 1 tonne of waste
Landfill space saved 

0.8 m3 / per 1 tonne of waste


*EfW = Energy-from-Waste: EfW Incineration generally entails burning waste to boil water which powers steam generators that generate electric energy and heat to be used in homes, businesses, institutions and industries. According to the New York Times, modern incineration plants are so clean that "many times more dioxin is now released from home fireplaces and backyard barbecues than from incineration. "[13] (source: Wikipedia). 

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By choosing Poop Patrol as your dog waste cleaning-service provider, you have chosen to reduce your impact on the environment. 

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We're now turning poop into power. Be part of the solution!