dog poop scooping service in Toronto

Dog Poop Scooping Service in Toronto

If you have a dog, you need poop scooping in Toronto! Our mission is to give you back the fun part of having a dog by keeping your back yard poop free! We have a team of poop scoopers in Toronto ready to clean your yard. We do commercial yards too!

Our Poop Patrollers work year round (in all kinds of weather) to thoroughly clean and properly dispose of all the dog waste left behind. We even turn the poop into power and divert it from the landfill.

We pick up dog poop all over Toronto and beyond.

dog poop scooping service in Toronto

What a blessing.

I have a very small yard, artificial turf, 1 dog and 2 young children. I have the kids trained to clean up as much as they see, but we never seem to get it all. We put our pick ups in a bin, that Poop Patrol empties, replaces the bag, and cleans the entire yard of poop. I don’t have to worry about the kids playing in our yard and having to avoid droppings. In the nicer weather I’m going to try their EcoChem spray to get any remnants that are left on my turf.  As a bonus, I hear it makes your yard smell really nice and fresh.
– Melissa