dog poop scooping service in Mississauga

Dog Poop Scooping Service in Mississauga

If you have a dog in Mississauga, you need poop scooping! Our mission is to give you back the fun part of having a dog by keeping your back yard poop free! We have a team of poop scoopers in Mississauga ready to pick up the dog poop in your yard. We do commercial yards too!

Our Poop Patrollers work year round (in all kinds of weather) to thoroughly clean and properly dispose of all the dog waste left behind. We even turn the poop into power and divert it from the landfill.

Poop Scooping for Mississauga and area!

dog poop scooping service mississauga

My daughter’s birthday is in early spring. Every year, for her birthday, I buy her a Poop Patrol Canada Certificate. I buy 30 minutes of service for her to call and get her yard clean after the snow melts.  She loves it and wants it every year.
– Mom